Untitled 2 1 - Touch Down, Hong KongFor some reason, all of my trips with Neil always end up being rushed into 3-4 days! Few days ago, Neil and I have spent two solid days at Hong Kong for some quick and quality time bonding. Realistically, it felt so great to have no plans and work but just time to waste.

Out of all places in Hong Kong, Mong Kok had my heart! From inexpensive food stalls, high end restaurants, night markets to malls, it is an area that covers all!
One of the things we did the most when we were in town was finding random Cha Chaan Teng (cafe) while strolling around and having a bite of deep fried dough sticks and fresh iced soy bean milk!

ggg - Touch Down, Hong KongMong Kok is usually packed and busy in the evening. However, there will be bright and colourful advertising boards flash up along the street, which distracted me from the crowds.

fff - Touch Down, Hong Kong


Not forget to mention, Neil and I also visited the iconic Choi Hung Estate, where people took their instagram photos all the time!

rrr - Touch Down, Hong Kong

As many as the countries Neil has been to, he had never visited Disneyland.
Going to the Disneyland is the main reason of us visiting Hong Kong. Glory is all His, we got the chance to stay in Disneyland Resort for the very first time. Aaaand I’m spoiled! The resort has its vibes where it is both stunning and relaxing. The crew here were always happy and eager to serve. So grateful that I got to be here in this magical place!

ddd - Touch Down, Hong Kong


There’s still butterflies in my stomach to waking up in the morning and thinking “I’ll be going to Disneyland” even though I’ve visited it more times than I can remember! Every time when I stepped in that happiest place on Earth, I felt like a child again. Disneyland is really a place where its entire purpose is to feel happy and enjoy.


aaa - Touch Down, Hong Kong


This time is no exception, my heart was definitely melting despite the scorching heat of the sun! Thank you Disney, you always make me believe that dreams do come true! x


Photos taken by Neil.

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  1. Irarawong says:

    Your trips are always so random but we all know randomness is always filled with surprises and adventures. Love to see my best friend being happy xx

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