Admit it. The Instagram algorithm positively sucks. It is becoming more and more challenging to grow a following and engagement is down across the board. Therefore it is super important to leverage and make use of Instagram Stories to promote your content and build a connection with your followers.

Just recently, Instagram Stories have become one of my favourite tools to share my content online. I enjoy getting creative with it and always searching for new apps that let me add a touch of sparkle. With my new go-to style, my Dm got flooded with questions on what apps I’m using. Even though I did answer some people individually, I think it is more helpful for me to blog about it. So I decided to put together all the apps I’ve been using to help you design and create your own stunning stories ! x



Spark Post

Spark Post is the latest app that I’ve came across to, and I’m so far so good with it. This amazing app not only allows users to add effects to pictures but also works for animating the wording. I have always use this app to promote my new blog post in my stories. It includes convenient features such as the resize tools, suggested colour palettes and layout choices for creating collages.

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This is the most questioned app that I have received by far. I absolutely love this app as it gives a very vintage effect. Everything in this app is pretty much having the old film vibe, which if you guys didn’t know by now, I am really really into. I filmed a majority of my stories by this, and one of my favourite thing is it has the rolling film sound in the background. The only downside of this app is it only allows the users to take videos. However, I would still recommend you this app as it is super fun and cute to play with.

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Hype Type

This one gets animated typography into your picture, which works similar as Spark Video. Sometimes when I feel like being extra and having a pretty animated text in my story, this is my go-to app. There are plenty choices of fonts and colours and it is very very user friendly.

f 667x1000 - Take it to the next level (Instagram Stories Apps)


And now for the star of the blog, this is my total favourite Instagram Stories editing app. It is basically your all-in-one, everything is there in this app. You are allowed to use both picture and video with this app. One of my favourite thing to do is go to canvas and click the 9:16 ratio, which is the ratio for Instagram stories, and then choose my favourite colour for the background. Another thing that I love to do is go to filters, and you can choose all the presets in the bottom. You also have the option to adjust the video (brightness, contrast etc.), which I think is amazing. I just think this is such all around amazing app and I definitely recommend this.

s 667x1000 - Take it to the next level (Instagram Stories Apps)

Do you enjoy using Instagram stories? What Instagram stories apps are you using? Tell me the apps that you think I should check out! Would really love to hear about it (!!!). Til next time babes x.




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