Aside from the food quality, I love visiting restaurants and cafes with great design and ambience. Most importantly, cute restaurants/cafes make good instagram pictures. For me, a restaurant/cafe’s design affects its business because it helps to attract customers. As a young woman living abroad, I have decided to explore places in Adelaide. Here’s my two Instagram-worthy restaurants/cafes (Part I) in Adelaide. If you’re living in the same place, these places might be the great spots for you to take pictures of the food and yourself.



My sister and i visited Chicco Palms on a Thursday afternoon. Let me be real, I decided to visit this place because of its interiors and wasn’t hungry at that moment. As we walked in, we were both awed by the colours and layouts because they are so pleasing to the eyes. It is filled with old school vibes and basically the perfect place for you to take your instagram pictures! I’m definitely coming to this place again just to enjoy the aesthetic space, delicious pastas and pizzas.
Chicco palm - Instagram Worthy Cafes & Restaurants in AdelaideHEY JUPITER

Hey Jupiter Brasserie is a eating and drinking spot. Serving good wines and Parisian food, this place is not to be missed. Having the French feel, I felt that the fixtures used in the place were really sophisticated and elegant, yet doesn’t make you feel like you have to be dressed buoyantly in order to fit in.

hey jupiter - Instagram Worthy Cafes & Restaurants in Adelaide


And that’s it for now! Tell me what you think about them. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment and I’m more than happy to give it a go.

9 thoughts on “Instagram Worthy Cafes & Restaurants in Adelaide

  1. Jordan says:

    Damn, not only the restaurant design is nice, the way you put them together and add some of your own elements to it is just amazing. Keep it up!

  2. Anda says:

    It’s really awesome,I love your blog design and your dress collection too!I think you can post some stuff about your fashion match and I’m look forward to it! I recommend u to follow the “Lee Lam” on instagram which includes a lot of food collections in Adelaide like restaurant and cafe, it might be helpful.

  3. Zack Yap says:

    I’ll give you honest and straight feedbacks or opinions 😀 first of all, I like those fancy vocabs in your passage. On the other hand, there can’t be only 2 cafes in Adelaide that are worth writing right? Haha every cafes has its own unique feature, the only matter is how you choose to bring out the best in them, it doesn’t have to be a lie (if you are good with finding angles and taking photos, wherever you are your output will speak, louder than words). Put everything on table, good and bad. Hence, u also mentioned restaurants. I believe there are also big restaurants that are worth a picture. My suggestion would be, add in more cafes and restaurant then maybe you can create an outline with popular Cafe/restaurant, recommendations, places you wanted to explore but didn’t. Ps. Also, I prefer to see people in a picture(can be blurred out or candid) maybe take some pictures of how the cashier smiles at customers, or waiters cleaning up tables because i think the picture would be more lively or else it looks like a museum haha, good job anyhow 😀

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