On behalf of Neil’s birthday, we decided to take a quick trip. Unlike the other times, Neil and I chose to visit the less tourist populated place – The Nusa Islands.

Located just 30 minutes away (by boat) from mainland Bali, there sit the amazingly beautiful tropical trio islands that are surrounded with crystal blue water and white sandy beach. Even being in a part of Bali, we felt worlds apart from the buzz of Kuta and Seminyak. Life in the Nusa islands is all about snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, relaxing and chilling. It is definitely the best place to reconnect with your love ones and most specially, the Mother Earth.

Unfortunately, we just got our way to be in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Sad to say.. We didn’t make it to Nusa Penida. .Definitely looking forward to visit next time!

My absolute favourite part is that every corners here is INSTAGRAM WORTHY. I really wasn’t prepared for something as gorgeous as this! Just see for yourself below! Enjoy! <3


Untitled 1 - Happy Birthday Special Guy!


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