On my 22nd birthday I had decided to have a mini-vacay with my closest man, Neil. So we bought our tickets, flew to one of my favourite cities in Tokyo, Japan.

The feeling of visiting Japan is one of my fondest memories of all my travels. I will never forget how much love I have for Japan because of its unique culture, polite people and delicious food. Felt so good to be back!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share my random experiences of spending my birthday during this trip:

  1. Getting around Tokyo using public transport. One of the reason is it’s the cheapest way to travel around the city. I must say that Google Maps works really well in Japan!
  2. Bought second hand vintage clothing in Harajuku. I picked up an oversized Harley Davidson sweater and I’m digging it. This is a crazy area filled with people, branded thrift shops and street food. Highly recommended.
  3. Speaking about Harajuku, we also visited the Mame-Shiba Cafe, which is a cafe with small sized Shiba dogs. They were adorable however, I wasn’t really excited about them as the area was packed with people!
  4. It wouldn’t be a Tokyo trip without visiting the Japanese Arcade. It is lively, making it a great place to spend a couple of hours browsing. Neil and I enjoyed playing Mario Kart, VR games and more!
  5. Trying out Purikura! Japanese photo booths (Purikura) are almost everywhere, which most likely to be in the arcades. I’m not a fan of the automatic filter systems, however the whole experience was pretty enjoyable. Especially when Neil is around!
  6. Made it to the crazy Shibuya crossing. We then made our way to the roof top and got this incredible view of the city from above. Love it!
  7. Experiencing DisneySea for the very first time. Unlike DisneyLand, it is actually inspired by the myths and legends of the sea. However, queue of every rides TOOK MORE THAN 3 HOURS. We ended up going for only one ride. Personally think it was not worth it!
  8. Went to a shopping heaven, Don Quijote! Hands down my favorite place to shop, with a wide lineup of products including food, cosmetic and also branded stuffs. If you are coming to Japan, you should definitely check it out!
  9. Getting drinks from the vending machine. Seriously, this thing is everywhere in Japan. I don’t hate it though!
  10. Saving the best for last! Food hunting! We never stopped eating during our trip in Tokyo. If you ever visit Japan, Japanese rice is a must!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Untitled 1 - Birthday in Tokyo, Japan.

Once again, Happy Birthday to 22 year old me! Thanks to everyone for the warm greetings and love. I’m thankful for what I have and where I am right now! Can’t wait to visit Tokyo again and again and again (even though Neil is still complaining about Japan being pricey :P).

Stay tune for more blog posts! I promise x.

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