If you ask me for my favorite game, I’d say the dress up game. Well, makeup goes second. Styling outfit has always been my favourite thing to do. It actually affects my mood and confident. I love to portray my own style in the best way as possible. Dressing well doesn’t mean going extra and owning the latest fashion trend. It could be a simple T-shirt and jeans, or even a hoodie and a pair of tights, as long as it makes me feel the best. More often than not, I feel good when i look good. 

IMG 6966 - Get ComfortableIMG 6967 - Get Comfortable IMG 6962 - Get ComfortableJust like every Sunday morning, I went to church and grabbed a lunch with some friends right after. I simply paired a T-shirt with my current favorite, mom jeans. I got myself a friend who does amazing shots that day. It was another fun time being with her. By the way, one of the thing I like about Australian is they are super communicative and outgoing. They actually asked for a picture themselves.  

The other day, I was having deep thoughts of myself, which led me to question what have I achieved in life. Wondering where ‘s the new year resolutions I wrote back in December 2016. I want to be able to do the things I like and have full passion with. I guess I should start doing something before I become nonchalant.

Lastly, I’ve decided that I want to update my blog every fortnight but have been struggling as to what content should I put in. So, it would be really nice to tell me what would you guys prefer?….. Guys better help me out. (or not, just kidding. Please?)

20 600x400 - Get Comfortable

I’m wearing Adidas T-shirtRollas JeansAsos Fishnet TightsGucci BeltAdidas Shoes



26 thoughts on “Get Comfortable

  1. Van says:

    Hey Flenny!! (Wave!!)

    Love this outfit!! When it comes to outfit,comfortable is always my first priority heheheh. Looking forward to more post coming soon! I’ll be following you! 😛 Would love to read more of these or even just day to day acivities/events/ journal kind thing. xx

  2. Zacky says:

    Here is to answer your question. Up to this latest generation, people are lacking all these practical skills like sewing their own ripped clothes, how to clean their own bedrooms effectively, how to decorate my house and etc, in sum, Day’s. All these guidelines will definitely attract more eyes since most people rely on techs and they somehow will deal with it oneday. We’ll, I personally would prefer motivative/inspirational-related content cause most of the time I know what I should/could do but just need a little push haha. Your previous article was a good read. Everybody needs a little push in life to do what they fear but underestimated their potential that might have been hidden for the rest of their lives and most importantly, giving them the confidence. Once again, keep your hands up and start pushing ? influence people, share the love and pass down positive energy to everyone. Hope you found your answer.

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